07 February 2020
Year 2020
February 2020

Elta Fan - Toyota Lanka Show

Toyota Lanka Showroom 

Feb 2020

In August last year, Toyota Lanka, the sole distributor for Toyota parts in Sri Lanka, opened its new showroom with service facility in the Kadawatha district in Colombo.


The new showroom and service centre was built to Toyota’s international standards and includes state of the art equipment to ensure the same quality and service that the Japanese brand has become renowned for.


To top this, the new facility was also designed to meet with strict environmental guidelines and compliances set by Toyota to ensure minimal impact on the environment and the employees working at the facility.


“Our Sri Lankan distributor, Jayaweera Airflow Solutions worked closely on the project to ensure that all fans specified were of the highest quality and performance and could adequately meet the specific standards and guidelines that were outlined”, commented Elta Fans Malaysia Managing Director, Peter Lester.


Sixty Elta Fans RDLE 8060, 800mm diameter axial roof units were specified for the project, deemed capable of meeting the stringent guidelines set by the global automobile giant.


“Vehicle, paint, and welding fumes are amongst some of the pollutants that are generated in the service centre. These fuels need to be extracted efficiently in order to maintain a safe and healthy working environment”, continued Lester.


“Our RDLE 8060 axial roof unit is capable of moving 5,235 litres of air per second and is specifically designed to exhaust a range of toxic, moxious and corrosive gases from a wide range of commercial and industrial applications making it the ideal solution for the project’s requirements”.


“The RDLE 8060 axial roof unit also features adjustable pitch impellers which allow for optimal airflow and power efficiency. Units can also be fitted with variable speed drives to obtain optimum energy efficiency whenever additional energy savings are required.”


The modern facility on the West Coast of Sri Lanka, will provide a full range of new and reconditioned Toyota vehicles, servicing and general repairs, as well as body and paint services.